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Frequently Asked Questions and Documentation
TopPre-Sales Questions

Some common questions we are regularly asked by customers interested in purchasing OpenCrypt.

1. A Brief History
2. Can I integrate OpenCrypt with my payment processor?
3. Can I password protect multiple directories with OpenCrypt?
4. Can I use the software on multiple websites?
5. Can member's area login be via an HTML login form rather than the pop-up prompt?
6. Can you install OpenCrypt for me?
7. Can your OpenCrypt membership software be white labeled with all references to OpenCrypt hidden from end users?
8. Do you setup OpenCrypt on our website for a fee or is it easy to setup for someone without a lot of technical skill?
9. Extending OpenCrypt's Functionality
10. How do I know OpenCrypt will work on my web server?
11. How do Locked Area and OpenCrypt work? (Basic)
12. How easy is it to upgrade to OpenCrypt from PRODUCTX or to import my user data?
13. How many users/members can Locked Area and OpenCrypt handle?
14. How secure is OpenCrypt?
15. I'm looking for a membership system that will integrate with phpBB and cPSupport. Does OpenCrypt have any built-in integration tools or is there an API?
16. If I have purchased Locked Area Pro v1.0/v2.0, do I need to purchase OpenCrypt?
17. Is it possible to configure OpenCrypt to release product(s) for each month a member is subscribed?
18. Is it possible to customise all of the pages that my clients will see? I would also like the system to be available in multiple languages.
19. Is the source code available?
20. OpenCrypt Corporate License
21. OpenCrypt Lifetime License
22. OpenCrypt One Year License or Annual License
23. Perl Module Requirements
24. Software Requirements
25. Software Terms and Conditions of Usage
26. The server I am using does not support mySQL. Can I continue using Locked Area Pro indefinitely?
27. What is
28. Who owns and
29. Will installing the mySQL manually during the installation allow me to use a mySQL server and mySQLdump that are located on another piece of hardware. I have the ability to set up a mySQL database through my control panel.
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