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Frequently Asked Questions and Documentation
TopOpenCrypt DocumentationConfiguration

Miscellaneous FAQ relating to the configuration section which are not necessarily specific to another category.

E-Commerce Configuration (5)

FAQ relating to configure your OpenCrypt e-commerce settings.

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5. Configuration
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9. Downloads Manager
10. E-Commerce Integration
11. For an annual subscription that should renew once every 365 days, what is the correct entry for 'Repeat' under the 'Subscription Tiers' configuration section.
12. General Settings
13. I want to edit my pages in HTML. How can do this?
14. I would like to offer a 30 day free trial followed by a paid annual membership subscription.
15. If I want users to be directed to different pages of my website after log in so they view content related to their subscription, is this something that would need programming? Or can this be configured without knowledge of PHP?
16. Languages and Text
17. Mailing Lists Manager
18. Member's Area Manager
19. Payment Methods, Shipping and TAX Configuration
20. Product Categories Manager
21. Product Reviews Manager
22. Products Manager
23. Register.cgi and Manage.cgi Configuration
24. Robot Configuration
25. Styles and Colours
26. Subscription Manager
27. System Settings
28. Templates and Styles
29. Translation Interface
30. Video Manager
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