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Frequently Asked Questions and Documentation
TopOpenCrypt DocumentationOpenCrypt System

OpenCrypt system documentation relating to more detailed aspects of the software.

1. A guide to customising OpenCrypt to suit your website
2. announcements.cgi and announcements.php
3. Calling logger.cgi via SSI (Server Side Includes)
4. Custom Functions
5. Custom Shipping, Payment Methods and TAX Calculations
6. Customising header.php and footer.php
7. dispatch.cgi
8. download.cgi and download.php
9. Email Template File Descriptions
10. Frontend Template File Descriptions
11. How do I change the header and footer templates used by OpenCrypt?
12. logger.cgi, Statistics and Logging Tool
13. My Member's Area(s)
14. Online Shopping Cart and 'Add to Cart' Buttons
15. OpenCrypt's SQL Database Structure
16. Personal Page Redirection Template Tags and Variables List
17. PHP Email Template Descriptions
18. PHP Template File Descriptions
19. Setting up Personal Page Redirection
20. shop.php Online Shop
21. System Details
22. Un-blocking users from the OpenCrypt system.
23. Which page do I send my customers to so that they can enter my member's area?
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