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Frequently Asked Questions and Documentation
TopDictionary and Terms

A dictionary style collection of technical words and terms with simple explanations.

1. Additional Products
2. Administrator Approval
3. Affiliate System Add-On
4. Anti-Hack and User Blocking/Banning Facilties
5. Automated Membership/Subscription Payment and Renewal System and Automated Invoicing and Billing History
6. CGI
7. Custom Form Fields
8. Custom Form Fields on Activation
9. Custom Form Fields, Field Types and Field Groups
10. Custom Passwords
11. Custom Usernames
12. Download Manager
13. E-Commerce Enabled
14. Email Activation
15. Email Reports
16. Extensive Statistics System
17. Free Installation and Money Back Guarantee
21. Mailing lists, newsletters, announcements and communication
22. Membership Payment Structures
23. MySQL
24. Payment Processors
25. PERL
26. Perl vs PHP (and HTML)
27. Personal Page Redirection
28. PHP
29. PHP Login Interface
30. Points System
31. Preset and Custom Validation Checks
32. Require Full Names
33. Subscription Enabled
34. Supported Operating Systems
35. Terms and Conditions Before Form
36. Unlimited Member's Areas and Subscription Types
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