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Frequently Asked Questions and Documentation
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FAQ relating to configure your OpenCrypt e-commerce settings.

I have chosen to use WorldPay as a payment method and filled in the relevant details in OpenCrypt. What do I have to do on the WorldPay site to enable callback?

Go to and login to your WorldPay account. Click on 'Configuration options' for the relevant installation ID. Fill in all the relevant details on this page and make sure that you type in the correct path for your 'Callback URL'. If your site was called, this would start with and then after the last forward slash you should place the relative URL to your 'worldpay_callback.cgi' file. This simply means that you must tell WorldPay where to look for the file... so for example if you said WorldPay ?To find my 'worldpay_callback.cgi' you have to look in for folder3 in folder4 for 'worldpay_callback.cgi' file?, that would translate as typing into your WorldPay Configuration options:

The easiest way find the correct path to your 'worldpay_callback cgi' file, is to use an FTP and have a look at what is in the various folders of your site. The callback file you are looking for should be in the same directory as your 'register.cgi' and 'manage.cgi' files. Usually this would be similar to '/cgi-bin/oc/worldpay_callback.cgi'.

Once you have filled in the correct 'Callback URL' in your WorldPay account, you should tick the box labelled 'Callback enabled' and the box labelled 'Use callback response'. In the box labelled 'store builder', type in 'OpenCrypt'. Remember to save the changes you have made.

Tip: If you are using a WorldPay test installation, make sure you give WorldPay instructions as to what one of their techy people should do in order to test purchasing something on your site. For example, if you are using OpenCrypt to send your customers an automatic acknowledgement email for their purchase, do tell them, as they will want to check that the email arrives. You can give them instructions by typing in the 'Test Transaction Instructions' box on the same configuration options page. If you have any problems configuring any of the WorldPay settings on their site, you should contact WorldPay support, not OpenCrypt support.

Submitted with thanks to, L Betts.

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