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Frequently Asked Questions and Documentation
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FAQ relating to configure your OpenCrypt e-commerce settings.

WorldPay have set my account live but when I go to the payment pages, it is still on test mode.

You have probably forgotten to alter the installation ID in your OpenCrypt 'E-Commerce Integration' configuration. When WorldPay set your account to live, they give you a new installation ID. You need to log in to your OpenCrypt administration panel and click on 'E-commerce integration' under the 'Configuration' section of the select menu. Once there, change your WorldPay installation ID to the new one. If you have forgotten what this is, simply visit and log in to your WorldPay account to locate it. Also ensure that OpenCrypt is not configured to use WorldPay test mode on the same 'E-Commerce Integration' page.

Submitted with thanks to, L Betts.

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