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Frequently Asked Questions and Documentation
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OpenCrypt system documentation relating to more detailed aspects of the software.

How do I change the header and footer templates used by OpenCrypt?

The pages provided by OpenCrypt are made out of a number of templates. In this case, because you wish to modify the header and footer, you would modify the 'header.tmpl' file, then the 'footer.tmpl' file, you would then modify the 'base_template.tmpl' and 'base_template_secure.tmpl' files, which is both the header and footer file combined, with a %content% tag in between.  These templates are usually in /cgi-bin/oc/admin/templates/en/ (unless another directory name was used during installation).

The OpenCrypt PHP scripts use the header.php and footer.php files which are in the /oc/ directory (unless another directory name was used during installation).

header.tmpl and footer.tmpl are used by register.cgi.  base_template.tmpl is used by manage.cgi, and base_template_secure.tmpl is used by manage.cgi when the user is logged in.  The various templates enable you to style OpenCrypt to use a different design when the user is registering and when they are managing their account.  Note, base_template.tmpl and base_template_secure.tmpl can be identical.

To locate the different templates, go to your OpenCrypt administration panel and click on 'Templates and Styles' link under the 'Configuration' section. Select the template you wish to alter from the list next to 'Open Frontend Template'. Select the appropriate language group, and click 'Open Template'. You should now be able to see the template of your choice. To view and edit the html, you need to click on a little icon called ?Toggle HTML Source?. (The icon looks like a tiny blue page with one corner folded over). Once you have clicked on it, you should be able to see that template in HTML.

Alternatively, on the previous page (where you selected which template to modify) you can select the 'Disable WYSIWYG' option, this will load the template source code, we advise you do this with the majority of the template files because the WYSIWYG editor can sometimes disrupt the HTML. For example, some template files may open an HTML table, but the table is closed in another template file. The WYSIWYG editor then considers this an HTML error and amends this, most of the time this does not occur and the WYSIWYG editor can be used problem free. You can alter the HTML to whatever you like then toggle icon again to see what it looks like. When you have finished altering that template, click on 'Save Template'.

Tip: If you can only write basic HTML it is a good idea to copy and paste the original HTML to a word or notepad file and save it somewhere on your computer before you start to make changes. That way, if you accidentally delete a crucial piece of code, you can simply copy and paste the original back into the template and start again.

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