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Frequently Asked Questions and Documentation
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Documentation regarding the OpenCrypt add-ons.

OpenCrypt Picture Gallery Add-On

The picture/file management system allows you to group and sell all manner of downloadable content, organised in easy-to-use galleries/categories.

Preview images, categories and sub-products can be included to make user navigation as simple and enjoyable as possible.

When a user select to purchase an item it will be included in the shopping basket and will be automatically delivered to the user via email immediately after purchase.

The picture gallery supports a handy preview system to enlarge the product thumbnails without leaving the current page. Simply click on a thumbnail image to be shown either the category contents, or individual file details. To avoid the pop-up system simply use the category and file name links above the images.


To create a picture/file gallery in OpenCrypt, make sure that you have the Picture Gallery add-on installed on your OpenCrypt system (available at

Open your OpenCrypt administration panel, go to Configuration -> Add-Ons -> Picture Gallery using the administration panel menu.

To add a new category/gallery:

First, enter the appropriate details into the ?Create Category? section of the gallery configuration (at the bottom of the main gallery page). Your gallery can have many categories, and each category can have many sub-categories, much like a ?topic? system on a forum.

    Category Name: Enter the name of the category to be displayed in the category listing.

    Parent Category: If you would like the category to be a sub-category, select the category you would like to add this category to. 0 (Top Category) is the main page of the gallery.

    Description: Please enter a brief description to be displayed when you users view the category, making navigation easier.

    Thumbnail: This field enables you to upload an image associated with a category. This image must be available on the computer you are working on, and will be resized to suit your configuration. The thumbnail feature supports many common image formats.
Once this information is entered, select the ?Create Category? button. You will then be shown a confirmation screen.

If you need to delete or modify a category, select the radio button to the right of the category name in the ?Categories? section of the configuration page, then select the ?Modify? or ?Remove? buttons as appropriate. Modify works almost identically to ?Create Category.? If you select ?Remove? you will be asked to confirm you wish to remove the category.

WARNING: Deleting a category will delete all of the files/products contained in the category.

If you wish to add a sub-category, follow the ?Create Category? instructions, making sure you select the correct ?Parent? category (i.e. the category you wish the sub-category to be a member of).

To add a picture/product/file to a category:

Select the category from the main ?Categories? section of the configuration page, then click the ?Manage Files? button.

You will now be presented with the ?Manage/Add File? section, which works in a similar way to the ?Add Category? section.
    Category: This enables you to select the category/sub-category that you wish to add the product/image/file to.

    Name: Enter a name for your product here, this name is displayed when viewing the picture gallery.

    Description/Notes: Enter a description for your product here, this will be shown to the user when they view an individual products information.

    Thumbnail File: Thumbnail enables you to upload an image associated with a category. This image must be available on the computer you are working on, and will be resized to suit your configuration. The thumbnail feature supports many common image formats. Leaving this field blank will automatically take a copy of your ?Preview Image? file and resize it to create a thumbnail.

    Preview File: The preview file will be shown when the thumbnail is clicked, or before purchase. This can be used to create a thumbnail file, if you wish for the thumbnail and preview to look the same.

    eDelivery File: This file is the file that will actually be emailed to the user on receipt of a purchase payment, or if you specify that the file is free, to be downloaded automatically.

    File Price: Enter the cost of your download here, specifying 0 means that the file is given away for free.

    Advanced Options

    Advanced Options lets you specify ?sub-products? for the main product, each with individual preview and delivery files. This means that you can, for example, offer an image at up-to three different quality levels, different print sizes for an e-book, or different file formats for a video/audio clip.

    These sub-options are created in the same way that files are added, and can be accessed from the ?Advanced Options? menu.
Modifying/Deleting a file

If you need to modify/delete a file, select the file from the ?Manage Files? section of the configuration screen, and press either the ?Modify File? or ?Remove File? buttons. Modify works almost identically to the ?Add File? system. If you select ?Remove File? you will be asked to confirm you wish to remove the file.

WARNING: A removed file is unrecoverable, you will need to add the file again from your local machine.

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