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OpenCrypt system documentation relating to more detailed aspects of the software.

Custom Shipping, Payment Methods and TAX Calculations

The OpenCrypt membership software offers support for custom shipping, payment methods and TAX calculations. This enables us to calculate the cost of shipping based on the weight of the products purchased (if applicable) and we can base the conditions on any data the user has entered, such as their location. The same functionality applies to TAX calculations which can be calculated for specific counties/states or countries. You could even setup a postcode specific TAX if you wished. You have complete control over these conditions and the rate of shipping or percentage TAX to be charged. We can also setup thresholds for free shipping and shipping base rates depending upon user input (including location).

The custom payment methods functionality enables us to setup payment pages, so for example we can offer a 'Cheque/Postal Order' payment page which includes the same invoice as the online payment page, but includes instructions for offline payments rather than online payment.

To setup customer payment methods, shipping and TAX calculations go to the 'Configuration' -> 'Advanced Settings' -> 'Payment Methods, Shipping and TAX' section of the OpenCrypt administration panel.

Please contact support with any questions you have when configuring this.

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