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Frequently Asked Questions and Documentation
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Documentation regarding the OpenCrypt add-ons.

OpenCrypt Ad Manager Add-On

The OpenCrypt Advertising add-on allows you to organise any advertising campaigns that you may wish to run on your site. The OpenCrypt Advertising system allows you to setup and track the usage of advertising campaigns, which are configured in a zonal system to enable you to run specific advertisements in different layouts across your site, e.g. an advertisement in a sidebar, and a separate set of advertisements in the page footers.

The advertising system is broken down into three main parts: Zones, Campaigns and Ads.

Zones are the specific sections of your site where you wish to run advertisements, e.g. the footer or sidebars of your site.

Campaigns are specific groups of advertisements, which can be seperated by user or campaign type, you may run multiple campaigns in each zone.

Ads are single advertisements, and can be setup with limits as to their usage e.g. maximum number of impressions, clicks, start and end dates and can be specifically targeted with OpenCrypt database queries


To view the details of existing zones, simply open the Advertising configuration screen, this will display a graph detailing the current advertising activity, with a breakdown of details per zone listed below.

To add a new Zone, simply enter a descriptive name for the new zone at the bottom of the main Advertising screen, and then click the 'Add Zone' button.

Once a new Zone is created, you will be given code which can be copied into the relevant pages on your site to display the adverts. This is available in both PHP (for websites with PHP powered pages) and HTML (for non-PHP pages.)

To add a Campaign to a Zone, simply enter a name for the new campaign at the bottom of the Zone screen, you may have multiple campaigns for each zone if required. If you wish for a user to be able to view the statistics for a specific campaign, also enter their username in the appropriate field. Once these details are entered, click the 'Add Campaign' button.


To view the progress of existing Campaigns, simply open the appropriate Zone from the configuration menu, the page impressions (number of times the advert is viewed) and click-through rates (number of times the advert has been visited) are presented in a graphical format, and broken down beneath into the specific zones that they apply to, this information includes any limits on impressions or clicks that have been defined.


To add an Ad to a Campaign, enter the advert details as below.

To view an Ad image and details in a Campaign, either click the name of the Ad in the Campaign management section, or select the Ad's radio button, and then click the'View Ad' button.

To modify the details of an Ad in a Campaign, select the Ad's radio button, and then click the 'Modify Ad' button. This will display the same details as entered when the Ad was created.

To remove an Ad from a Campaign, select the Ad's radio button, and then click the 'Remove Ad' button.


Ad Name: enter a meaningful name for the new advert here.

Ad Image: allows you to select the appropriate Ad image from your computer to upload to the Advertisement system.

Ad URL: enter the full URL that the Ad should link to when clicked, including any referrer ID if required.

Ad HTML: allows you to enter specific HTML instead of using an uploaded image for an advert, if using this feature Ad Image and Ad URL MUST be blank.

Target Window: allows you to select whether the Ad will open a new browser window, or use the existing window, when clicked.

Link No Follow: allows you to specify whether the advert link is followed by search engines when they crawl your site.

Impression Limit: allows you to define a maximum number of impressions (page views) for the specific advert.

Click Limit: allows you to define a maximum number of click-throughs for the specific advert.

Ad Start Date: allows you to define a specific start date for the advert to appear.

Ad End Date: allows you to define a specific end date after which the advert will not appear. Adverts are always available in the administration section regardless of display start and end dates.

Ad Targeting: enables you to only display specific adverts based on queries against the OpenCrypt database.

To create the Ad: click the 'Add Ad' button once the above details are complete.

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