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Frequently Asked Questions and Documentation
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Miscellaneous FAQ relating to the configuration section which are not necessarily specific to another category.

Templates and Styles

The Templates and Styles Configuration section of the OpenCrypt Administration Panel enables you to set default styles and edit templates directly from the OpenCrypt interface.

The Styles and Colours configuration is linked directly from this configuration page, and all the standard templates are controlled here.

For more information on the Styles and Colours Configuration, use the related article links at the bottom of this article.

Modify Template Files allows you to setup and change default languages and the templates used by OpenCrypt. More information on the specific template files is included in the related article links.

Language Group: Allows you to change the default language for all of the front-end templates.  This should be the name of the templates directory within your /admin/templates directory, by default this is 'en'.

Open Frontend Template: Allows you to select a template for the OpenCrypt frontend (i.e. register.cgi) to open for editing.

Open PHP Frontend Template: Allows you to select a template for the PHP sections of the OpenCrypt frontend to open for editing.

Open Outgoing Mail Template: Allows you to select a template for the outgoing OpenCrypt powered e-mails to open for editing.

Open PHP Outgoing Mail Template: Allows you to select a template for outgoing e-mails sent from the PHP sections of OpenCrypt to open for editing.

Open Personal Page Template: Allows you to select a template from the personal page templates available for each member's area you have defined to open for editing.

Open Text Template: Allows you to select a template for body text of the OpenCrypt system, for example the Terms and Conditions of the registration form, to open for editing. Care should be taken when editing these files as they contain Perl code necessary for OpenCrypt to function.

Disable WYSIWYG: Allows you to disable or enable the WYSIWYG editor provided with OpenCrypt for editing templates. Care should be taken if this is enabled as it may disrupt some of the template files.  Certain files can not be loaded within the WYSIWYG editors such as the text template files.

To open a template for editing: Select a template from one of the lists above, and then click the 'Open Template' button.

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