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Frequently Asked Questions and Documentation
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OpenCrypt installation guides, documentation and help.

Step 1, install.cgi

1. Once you have received the OpenCrypt archive (.zip) file from you will need to un-extract the archive file. This can be done using WinZIP, PKZip or similar which are freely available from Once extracted, you will have a file called install.cgi, this is the OpenCrypt installation script. Don't be alarmed by the small file size, it downloads the OpenCrypt source files directly from to save you having to upload 5Mb plus of data.

2. Now open the install.cgi file with your favourite text editor. We recommend TextPad or UltraEdit which are also available from Microsoft WordPad can be used but Microsoft Notepad is not suitable. Firstly, we need to ensure the script is using the correct path to Perl. Check the first line of the file which will read:


This is the default path to Perl used on Linux/Unix web servers. It may be best to check with your system administrator or your web hosts online documentation to ensure this path is correct if unsure. They may also use:


3. Once you've checked the path to perl, you need to upload the file to your web server. Login to your web server via FTP, popular programs of choice for this task are WS_FTP and CuteFTP which are also available for trial use from Now upload the install.cgi file to your cgi-bin directory or a directory on your web server that you know to be suitable for Perl/CGI scripts. The file must be uploaded in ASCII mode to transfer correctly, not Binary mode. To select 'ASCII transfer mode' in CuteFTP, select the 'Transfer' menu at the top of the main window, scroll to 'Transfer Type' and select 'ASCII' mode, now copy the file as you would normally.

4. Then, simply set the file permissions (CHMOD) on the install.cgi file to executable. This is normally 755 but may be different on some web servers. To set file permissions in CuteFTP, simply right click on the install.cgi file on the web server and click CHMOD (some versions say 'File Permissions') on the menu. Then set the permissions to 755 or equivalent on your server. You can also do this through telnet, you can find a popular telnet/SSH client called Putty at, All you need to do is login to your web server via telnet/SSH, find the directory with install.cgi in and type:

chmod 755 install.cgi

5. Now, open your web browser and load install.cgi from your web server via your web browser as you would for any normal HTML file or CGI script. A welcome screen should appear which should explain what to do. e.g. With a url similar to

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