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Frequently Asked Questions and Documentation
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Documentation regarding the OpenCrypt add-ons.

OpenCrypt File Sharing Customisation

The fileshare.php and fileshare_inline.php files provides the front-end layout and functionality of the OpenCrypt FileSharing Add-on.

This article details the basic configuration of both the fileshare.php and fileshare_inline.php interfaces, and the configuration options available.

fileshare.php is designed to be called directly, and allows users to publish files they have shared through the filesharing section of manage.cgi

fileshare_inline.php is designed to be included in an existing php file, for example to show as part of a users profile page to display files available.

Using fileshare.php Fileshare.php is designed so that once a user has clicked the 'Share This Folder' link in manage.cgi, the files can be accessed by anyone they desire. When a folder is shared, a unique ID is given to the folder. To then access this folder, the person receiving the files can either open fileshare.php directly (in which case they will be asked for the ID of the folder required) or they can use the full link provided, which uses query strings to show the file.

An example query string and link for fileshare.php would be: and clicking this link will provide access directly to the available downloads.

Configuring fileshare_inline.php

The fileshare_inline.php file has a variable which can be set by editing the fileshare_inline.php file, and must be placed at the start of the PHP file. The variable is as follows:

$fileshare_username Allows you to set a default username, calling fileshare_inline.php will then display all files that the user has enabled for sharing in their public folder.

Some potential use examples are: If you have a customised PHP file for your users when they are logged in, you could display their files in a list by assigning $fileshare_username = $dbusername or if you had a profile page for another user called by their user ID, you could use this user ID to display which files they currently had available.

Look and layout of fileshare.php and fileshare_inline.php

The look and feel of the fileshare php files is taken directly from the configuration used in the header.php and footer.php files, so when these are configured, the articles section will match any other PHP sections of the OpenCrypt frontend.

The layout and format of the fileshare php files can be altered by templates in the OpenCrypt Administration Panel, they are located in the PHP Frontend Templates section, and are prefixed 'fileshare'

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