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Frequently Asked Questions and Documentation
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Miscellaneous FAQ relating to the configuration section which are not necessarily specific to another category.

Translation Interface

The OpenCrypt translation interface is the central point for creating and managing a new translation of the OpenCrypt frontend.

All OpenCrypt translations can be imported and exported, allowing you to download new translations, backup, and share translations with other users of OpenCrypt.

If you feel your translation is suitable for inclusion with the main OpenCrypt distribution, feel free to contact us when you have completed your translation. There may be opportunities for discounts or rebates on your OpenCrypt software.

Current Translations will display any translations enabled on your OpenCrypt system, along with the options to Export and Remove the individual translations.
Removing a translation ensures that all converted template files and the translations themselves are removed from the OpenCrypt system.
Exporting a translation will offer you the opportunity to download a file for each translation in an easily modifiable format. The file will contain a description and a breakdown of each element in the system.

To view or continue a translation simply select from the current translations list by clicking either the language code or the language title.

To begin a new translation simply click the 'New Translation' option and you will be presented with the translation interface.

You will be presented with an options menu to allow you to choose which language the translation is for. You may choose from this list, or enter a new country code if the list does not contain a suitable language. If you would like the menu updated to support your native language, please contact us through the helpdesk.

Once you have clicked 'Begin Translation' the OpenCrypt system will create appropriate copies of the template files and databased elements.

You will then be presented with an interface specifically designed to support rapid editing of the text elements. Each element has the option to show or hide the original English text. The interface will seperate the elements into pages, and remembers the last page you edited, so you can leave and resume translation at any time. Full HTML and OpenCrypt template tags are available for use in each element.

Import Translation allows you to import a standard definition OpenCrypt translation export, for example if you have created a translation offline, or if you were to download a translation from the OpenCrypt servers. To use this feature, simply click 'Import Translation', select the local copy of the translation file you desire, and then enter the appropriate language code.

Re-Generate languages.tmpl Template Files allows you to choose when to publish, or regenerate a completed translation. This updates the drop-down menu available to end-users, and therefore should be used once a new translation is complete, or has been imported.

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