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Frequently Asked Questions and Documentation
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OpenCrypt system documentation relating to more detailed aspects of the software.

OpenCrypt's SQL Database Structure

If you are familiar with SQL database management you can manage OpenCrypt's database directly using SQL management tools such as phpMyAdmin.
The mySQL database is split into database tables for specific purposes, these are as follows:
Table Name Table Description
oc_administrators Administrator account/user details.
oc_admin_ext_stats Administration panel 'Important Information/Data For Your Attention' data.
oc_admin_statistics Administration panel access log.
oc_ads Ad manager add-on ad configurations.
oc_ad_campaigns Ad manager add-on ad campaigns.
oc_ad_clicks Ad manager add-on ad click log.
oc_ad_impressions Ad manager add-on ad impression log.
oc_ad_zones Ad manager add-on ad zones.
oc_affiliate_campaigns Affiliate system add-on affiliate campaigns.
oc_affiliate_config Affiliate system add-on campaign configurations.
oc_affiliate_coupons Affiliate system add-on affiliate coupon tracking.
oc_affiliate_sales Affiliate system add-on affiliate sales records.
oc_affiliate_users Affiliate system add-on affiliate users.
oc_announcements Announcements data for administrator and member's area announcements.
oc_article_comments Article manager add-on comments.
oc_article_data Article manager add-on article data.
oc_article_group Article manager add-on article groups/categories.
oc_article_updates Article manager add-on article updates/revisions pending review.
oc_backups Records of system backups (backups stored in /cgi-bin/oc/admin/backup).
oc_banned Banned user records.
oc_billing Billing/sales records.
oc_block_users Blocked user records.
oc_config_value Configuration values for automated records/configuration, not for system configuration.
oc_db_integration Database integration records.
oc_dispatch_files eDelivery add-on data.
oc_domains Multi-domain support database.
oc_donations Donation records for donation 'Add to Cart' buttons.
oc_downloads Download manager files/records.
oc_faq_articles FAQ manager add-on article data.
oc_faq_categories FAQ manager add-on article categories.
oc_faq_revisions FAQ manager add-on article revisions/updates pending review.
oc_faq_submissions FAQ manager add-on user submitted questions pending review.
oc_fields Custom form fields data.
oc_field_group Custom form field groups data.
oc_forms Survey/input forms add-on form records.
oc_form_fields Survey/input forms add-on form fields.
oc_form_pages Survey/input forms add-on form page records.
oc_form_results Survey/input forms add-on submission results for fields.
oc_form_result_strings Survey/input forms add-on submission result identifier.
oc_gallery_files Picture gallery add-on files/pictures.
oc_gallery_group Picture gallery add-on groups/categories.
oc_geoip IP Location API cache.
oc_helpdesk_answers Helpdesk add-on answer library data.
oc_helpdesk_files Helpdesk add-on file attachments.
oc_helpdesk_messages Helpdesk add-on messages.
oc_helpdesk_tickets Helpdesk add-on tickets.
oc_invoices Invoice/sales records.
oc_mailing_lists Mailing list records.
oc_members_area Member's area records.
oc_messages User messaging add-on messages.
oc_messages_files User messaging add-on message file attachments.
oc_pending_transactions Pending transaction data, created before payment.
oc_points_actions Action log for points balance system.
oc_products Product records/data.
oc_product_associations Product association feature is not available in distributed package.
oc_product_categories Product categories data.
oc_product_reviews Product reviews/comments.
oc_product_user_associations Product association feature is not available in distributed package.
oc_psapi Payment API temporary transaction data.
oc_reports OpenCrypt Robot Reports data/reports.
oc_shopping_purchases User product purchase records/data.
oc_shopping_sessions User shopping basket data.
oc_statistics Frontend access log.
oc_subscriptions Subscription records/data.
oc_text Text tags/language translation data.
oc_users Primary user database.
oc_user_cc User payment card details.
oc_user_data User custom form field data/records.
oc_user_files File sharing add-on file records.
oc_user_file_links File sharing add-on file sharing link records.
oc_user_mailing User mailing list assignment records.
oc_user_sessions User sessions data.
oc_videos Video manager data/records.

Data associated to a user may be stored in the following tables, if removing a user ensure you check the following tables:

  • oc_ad_campaigns
  • oc_affiliate_sales
  • oc_article_comments
  • oc_article_updates
  • oc_billing
  • oc_block_users
  • oc_classifieds
  • oc_content_reports
  • oc_donations
  • oc_faq_revisions
  • oc_faq_submissions
  • oc_form_result_strings (and associated oc_form_results)
  • oc_helpdesk_tickets (and associated oc_helpdesk_files and oc_helpdesk_messages)
  • oc_invoices
  • oc_messages (and associated oc_messages_files)
  • oc_pending_transactions
  • oc_points_actions
  • oc_shopping_purchases
  • oc_shopping_sessions
  • oc_statistics
  • oc_users
  • oc_user_cc
  • oc_user_data
  • oc_user_files (and associated oc_user_file_links)
  • oc_user_mailing
  • oc_user_sessions

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