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Frequently Asked Questions and Documentation
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mySQL Database Set-up Instructions

If during OpenCrypt installation you selected the 'Skip mySQL Installation' option, you will need to set-up your database structure manually.

You can find the database structure SQL file in the OpenCrypt /admin/ directory. You will most likely need to log-in via FTP and download the oc_dump.sql file from your web server. Once downloaded, open the file in your favourite text editor and copy the contents.

Now, using your database management software you need to run the SQL data. For example, in 'phpmyadmin' you would select the database you wish to use, then select the 'SQL' option and paste the data from the oc_dump.sql into the appropriate input field. Then select 'Submit' or 'Run' etc... as applicable and the database should be created.

If you have any problems with this, contact your system administrator or feel free to contact OpenCrypt support.

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