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One of the key factors that allows OpenCrypt to offer all these facilities and keep things ticking over is 'The OpenCrypt Robot'. This is a complex Perl script which is run automatically by the server several times a day, performing varying tasks concerning the OpenCrypt system. For instance, expiring accounts (sending out notifications of renewal) and database tasks, such as performing a daily database backup, all crucial to the daily operation of OpenCrypt and not a task that the administrator can be expected to do everyday. These are the daily, mundane tasks for 'The Robot'. It's real job is checking log files for suspicious activity, think of it more as a security guard, sniffing out any suspicious or unwanted activity and eliminating it. Whether it be by blocking a visitor from the system or entire web site, or simply sending a word of warning to the administrator. The point is, the system is aware of it and it lets the administrator know everything that is happening, without expecting them to trawl through endless log data.

Once run, 'The Robot' sends a full daily report to the administrator, giving details of all it's activities, renewing and removing accounts, as well as alerting you to any suspicious activity and any visitors that have been blocked.

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