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Automated Membership/Subscription Payment and Renewal System and Automated Invoicing and Billing History

All subscription/membership sign-up and renewal payments are handled automatically by the OpenCrypt membership software. When registering, the user is guided through registration and then on to payment as applicable, before payment is requested the user is presented with a clearly presented invoice displaying exactly what is being purchased and at what cost, with clear indications of any account expiration dates if applicable. Membership and product payments are clearly identified.

If a users membership is due to expire, a notification email is sent warning the user that their account may become inactive. This notification is sent automatically by the system and you can customise how many days before account expiration the email should be sent. When the account expires, a second notification email is sent warning the customer that their membership has expired.

Both emails include clear instructions as to how to go about renewing membership. Account/membership renewal is handled by the 'User Account Manager' interface and as when purchasing, clear invoices are displayed giving accurate details as to what is being charged and when the membership will expire again.

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