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Frequently Asked Questions and Documentation
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Payment Processors

OpenCrypt seamlessly integrates with a variety of payments processors to simplify the process for your visitors to make payments, and to simplify the integration process for the web site administrator.
OpenCrypt offers integration with many major payment processors including; PayPal, WorldPay,, ProtX / SagePay, Payoffshore, eWay, AlertPay and Barclays ePDQ.
OpenCrypt offers integration with PayPal's Website Payments Standard system which offers full callback and transaction verification and support for automatic recurring payments, OpenCrypt also offers PayPal PayFlow Link integration though this service does not support automatic recurring payments (contrary to PayPal's mis-leading content).
The PayPal, WorldPay, AlertPay and Barclays ePDQ integration use payment buttons which redirect users to the payment site hosted by the payment processor as per the processes of each payment processor.
The, ProtX / SagePay, eWay and Payoffshore integration process credit cards via OpenCrypt and on the web site where OpenCrypt is installed, therefore a secure server (SSL) certificate is required.
At this time the PayPal, AlertPay, Barclays ePDQ,, ProtX / SagePay, eWay and Payoffshore integration offer methods for automatically charging a recurring fee, in the case of WorldPay the user is required to return to the OpenCrypt system and submit a new payment for each payment cycle.  When using, ProtX / SagePay, eWay or Payoffshore the OpenCrypt system will store user card details and will automatically provoke recurring payments which gives the system complete control over the payment structures and allows for unmatched flexibility.
All integrations include full transaction verification and validation ensuring only valid payments are processed.
We have recently developed integration with eWay and AlertPay which is included with version 1.8.
Note, ProtX recently became SagePay.
If you require payment integration with another processor, please contact us for more information.

OpenCrypt Membership Software integrates with these payment processors. OpenCrypt Membership Software includes PayPal integration. OpenCrypt Membership Software includes integration.
  OpenCrypt Membership Software includes SagePay / ProtX integration. OpenCrypt Membership Software includes WorldPay integration.
  OpenCrypt Membership Software includes eWay integration. OpenCrypt Membership Software includes Payoffshore integration.
  OpenCrypt Membership Software includes Barclays ePDQ integration. OpenCrypt Membership Software includes AlertPay integration.

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