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Unlimited Member's Areas and Subscription Types

OpenCrypt offers support for unlimited member's area directories and unlimited subscription types/payment schemes.

When adding a subscription type, the administrator may specify three tiers of payment and expiration and may specify any number of member's areas which the purchasing visitor will receive access to when purchasing said subscription.

When adding a member's area directory, OpenCrypt applies the password protection to the appropriate directory. This member's area can then be linked to any subscription type alongside any combination of other member's areas.

This system can be used, for example:
When purchasing 'Subscription A' the users receives access to 'Members Area 1 and 2'
When purchasing 'Subscription B' the users receives access to 'Members Area 2 and 3'
When purchasing 'Subscription C' the users receives access to 'Members Area 2, 3 and 4'
When purchasing 'Subscription D' the users receives access to 'Members Area 1, 2, 3 and 4'

As well as supporting free subscriptions, OpenCrypt is capable of complex payment structures and discount schemes. For example, say the set-up fee is $5.00 and the monthly fee is $30.00. Then, after three months the monthly fee will automatically be reduced to $25.00. Then after a further six months, the charge can be turned into a by-monthly fee of $40.00. This system is completely customisable allowing you to set three tiers of payment with different fees, subscription durations and renewal cycles. These subscriptions can also be linked to custom mailing lists in the same way as they can be linked to member's areas.

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