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Frequently Asked Questions and Documentation
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OpenCrypt installation guides, documentation and help.

After Installation Troubleshooting

Software will not send outgoing emails, returns sendmail error or similar.

- Check your path to SendMail is correct, it may require a '-t' at the end. e.g. /usr/sbin/sendmail -t
- All email addresses inputed into the OpenCrypt configuration must have a backslash before the 'at' sign. e.g. you\
- For SMTP email troubleshooting, contact your system administrator.

If upon trying to access the administration panel you receive a '401 Authorization Required' error.

- Contact your system administrator and ask them to enable .htaccess within the /cgi-bin/oc/ directory (or the directory where you have installed OpenCrypt). If this has already been done, check with them to see if any special conditions are required in order to use .htaccess Authentication.
- This error may appear when the OpenCrypt 'Failed Login' script will not load, if this happens it is as a result of improper installation or may be due to a lack of appropriate Perl modules available on the system. For information regarding the Perl modules OpenCrypt requires, please click here.

If upon trying to view your 'Statistics' via the administration panel you receive an error similar to, "The following error has occured: No such file or directory at includes/ line 952".

- Check your path to image directory in the 'Central Configuration' is set correctly and the directory exists and is fully writable. The image directory should also contain a /graphs/ directory which should be created during installation.

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