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PHP Login Interface

The PHP login interface enables you to integrate user login with the content of your web site. The system offers full anti-hack protection as with the usual pop-up login method, and also includes support for the 'OpenCrypt Points System'. This means you can offer seamless integration between your public and secure content, allowing new content areas in an HTML document to open when a user logs in, and because the interface is written in PHP, you have unlimited control over your content and the structure of your web site.

To review an online demonstration of the PHP login interface, please click here.

OpenCrypt also supports the Apache .htaccess pop-up login interface which can be used instead of or alongside the PHP login interface. The PHP login interface can also be used on any number of web site domains and can link to one installation of OpenCrypt, allowing you to manage secure content across unlimited web sites with one installation of the software.

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